Accidents can Happen and when they do How can you deal with Medical Expenses without going in a financial hole and still 
Maximize Your Injury Claim.

Free Video Course: 10 Minutes)

4 Short Video Courses that will help you deal with medical bills
1. Who is Responsible?

Duration:  3:23 minutes

Let's Starting by understanding who has the responsibilty to pay your bills.

3. Medicare | Medicad

Duration:  4:37 minutes

Should you tap into Medicaid or Medicare to pay medical bills?

2. Health Insurance Options

Duration:  4:35 minutes

Can you use your own Health Insurance to cover bills?

4. No Insurance available

Duration:  3:23 minutes

What are your options if you have no insurance and no money at all?

Is This Course Right for You?

Your course is not for everybody, you can use this section to pre-select the customers that will get the best results.


  • A person that has been seriosly  injured in an accident
  • A resident of the State of Georgia or Injured in the State
  • Not currently represented by an Attorney
  • Interested in resolving your case and getting healthy


  • Slightly injured
  • Not a Resident of the State of Georgia
  • With Attorney on the case
  • Unwilling to get proper medical treatment to get better